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Shareconomy is on everyone's lips and describes the shared use of resources. This makes sense especially for recreational boats, which are typically rarely used.

Boat enthusiasts with their own license now have the opportunity to rent an extremely high-quality boat at the Marina Düsseldorf under the Rhine Tower. After a one-time safety briefing for the boat and the area, nothing stands in the way of a day on the water.

All safety equipment including automatic vests is of course on board. Water skis, wakeboards or a fun tube can also be rented.

How does chartering work?

As a club member you will of course enjoy special prices for chartering. There are two ways to use the boat during the season, either by the day or all-inclusive for the whole season:

Day Use:

You can rent the boat either for a period of use up to 3 hours or for a whole day.

In advance the one-time booking of a safety briefing necessary.

The boat is cleaned regularly by us. After use, we fill up again, charge for the fuel used and a small expense fee.

You don't have to worry about anything, the costs are much lower than the running costs of your own boat.

Each charter is reserved by online booking and deposit. The balance plus the consumed gasoline is paid on the spot. 500 € deposit (and deductible in case of damage) will be reserved on the credit card before departure. In case of no-show after a reservation, the deposit will not be refunded. One hour after no-show, the boat will be released for other users.

Seasonal use: (max . 5 persons are admitted per season)

The flat user fee for the whole season covers 10 daily uses. It is possible to make a reservation as far in advance as you wish. If the reservation was used then, the next date can be reserved.

Seasonal use is only possible for club members and costs € 2,500 per year (incl. VAT). For a season that has already begun, the costs will be calculated proportionally.

To reserve the seasonal use for you, please contact us by e-mail.

The boat is cleaned regularly by us. After use, we fill up again, charge for the fuel used and a small expense fee.

You don't have to worry about anything, the costs are much lower than the running costs of your own boat.

Cost of gasoline will be settled on the spot after use. 500 € deposit (and excess in case of damage) will be reserved on the credit card before departure. One hour after no-show, the boat will be released for others. Repeated no-shows without cancellation will result in termination of season use.

In any case, the possession of the SBF Binnen (Sportbootführerschein Binnen) is a prerequisite.

All other questions are answered below in our FAQ.

as a club member you save 80 €
Charter 3 hrs.
SILVER Hawk BR 570
Max. 7 people
plus fuel costs
book now
270 €80 deposit for the reservation
as a club member you save 100 €
Charter 1 day (8 hrs.)
SILVER Hawk BR 570
Max. 7 people
plus fuel costs
book now
440 €150 deposit for the reservation
as a club member you save 60 €
Safety briefing
for SILVER Hawk
Duration: 100 min for 1 pers.
Proof necessary for chartering
see description below
book now
250 €100 € deposit for the reservation
as a club member you save 60 €
Practice taster course for 1 pers.
for SILVER Hawk
Duration: 90 min for 1 pers.
No driver's license necessary
The perfect gift
Gasoline flat rate included
book now
250 €
Only for club members
Practice driving training double lesson
SILVER Hawk BR 570
Duration 90 min. (2 x 45 min.) - max. 6 persons
You have a driving license but no driving experience on the Rhine yet? Then we recommend booking this driving training. You can also team up with several people and then book the practical training together.
30 € gasoline flat rate included.
190 €80 deposit for the reservation
Water Ski
optionally selectable during booking

Water ski with leash and life jacket


50 €
optionally selectable during booking

Wakeboard with leash and life jacket


80 €
Fun Tube/Water Glider
optionally selectable during booking

Fun tube with leash and life jacket


40 €

The safety briefing

During a 90-minute trip you will get to know the boat and the area.

The safety briefing serves to familiarize you as skipper with the boat and the area. This isn't just about understanding safety-relevant issues and behaving correctly in the case af an emergency, but also familiarizing yourself with the Boat and it's technical equipment, aswell as any specifics on the Rhine River in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. Depending on your previous knowledge, a safety briefing can take a little longer or shorter.

You as skipper are solely responsible for the boat.

When you take over the boat on charter, you as skipper are responsible for the boat and the passengers until you return it. In order to bring you, the crew and the boat back safely, we teach you the following contents:

  • Boat and equipment
  • Donning and doffing
  • Behavior during the ride
  • Behavior in emergency situations
  • Special features: Anchoring, water skiing etc.

Since most of the safety instruction consists of practice on the water, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

The mere completion of the safety briefing does not mean that the boat will be released for charter in any case. The one of us who does the safety briefing with you decides afterwards whether we can hand over the boat to you for charter in good conscience. You can book practice driving lessons independently of the safety briefing - before or after - at any time if you do not yet feel safe yourself.

The boat

Safe, high-quality and surprisingly quiet in use

We have chosen this model as the first charter boat at Club Marina Düsseldorf for several reasons. The hull of the Silver Hawk BR 570 is made of aluminum and therefore not only much more robust than a GRP boat, but also sustainable in terms of recycling. With the 100 hp outboard, the boat offers a perfect combination of zippiness (well suited for water skiing and wakeboarding) while still being fuel efficient. The 115 liter tank is well proportioned for day cruising. The boat is also agile and easy to maneuver.

The windshield and the two-piece door between the consoles provide protection from the wind for both the driver and passengers. The consoles are large, ergonomic and have storage compartments for small personal items. A 9-inch Raymarine Axiom chartplotter is already installed on the instrument panel. Inside the stern bench is storage space for a large bag and other belongings. Additionally, the rear bench also integrates a designated space for the rear roof. The interior offers plenty of legroom. There are large storage units in the bow that serve as additional seating. Safety when boarding is ensured by stable railings in the bow.

The precinct

The Rhine in and around Düsseldorf is a varied area for pleasure boats. A relaxed tour along the Rhine promenade, anchoring and barbecuing in front of one of the numerous beaches, water skiing behind Lörick or a trip to Hamm or Kaiserswerth - the possibilities are many.



I would like to rent a boat from you. Do I need a boat license?

Yes, for sailing on the Rhine the possession of the SBF Binnen (Sportbootführerschein Binnen) is required.

I do not have a sport boat license, what can I do?

With us you can get on the water even without a sport boat license. Take a practical taster course with us!

Or become a club member!

You can then do your sport boat license with 10% discount through our partner

In addition, we - or other club members with their own boat - regularly take members out on trips as part of the club. These are always free of charge! (Sometimes the skipper agrees with the passengers only contributing to the cost of gasoline).

Can I book the practical driving training instead of the safety briefing?

Basically, the driving training does not replace the safety briefing as a prerequisite for chartering. During the driving training you do not receive a detailed briefing on the charter boat including equipment, the devices and the area. It is mainly about the driving itself.
Especially with several people such a detailed briefing as with the safety training is not possible.
But talk to us, we will advise you what is useful for you or think together whether or how we can combine both.

Will I receive a booking confirmation after the charter booking?

Yes, after the binding booking you will receive a confirmation mail from us. In the mail there is also a link to call up or change the booking again.

I booked in advance, but the weather forecast has now turned bad. What happens now?

Don't worry, we keep a close eye on the weather for you and we won't send you out in the rain or storm just because we have a binding booking. If there is a bad weather forecast for your booking period, please call us and we will discuss how to proceed. If the trip cannot take place, we will arrange an alternative date. In this case you will not incur any costs. Please contact us in any case, because without cancellation and in case of no-show we can not refund the reservation costs, because then - no matter what weather - someone will be ready for you on site.

Can I bring my dog? He is also very experienced in boating...

No. Dogs are not allowed on our boats. We ask for your understanding.

I have my license only recently and am still very inexperienced. Can I get a briefing from you about the boat and the area?

The Rhine with the professional shipping is not a safe area. No matter how long you have the license, with us before the first charter the participation in the unique safety briefing is mandatory. During this training you will be introduced to the boat and the area. After that we decide if we can give you the boat for charter in good conscience in the future. If you want to charter the boat a second time at a later date, you do not have to participate in the safety training again.

Independently of the safety briefing, we recommend booking practical driving lessons* if you have no experience on the Rhine. (*only possible for club members)

How long before should we be there and where exactly do we have to go?

Please be at the marina 15 minutes before the charter starts. Just come directly to the platform in front of the big old sailing ship directly under the Rhine Tower. If you are late, this could be at the expense of your charter time, which would be a pity. One hour after the start of your booking time, if you do not show up, the boat will be released to other users and the reservation costs will not be refunded.

How many people are allowed on the boat?

The boat is certified for seven people with a total weight of 665 kg.

Where can I go with your boat?

The distance up or down the Rhine is not limited. Just make sure that you allow enough time - especially when returning against the current - to be back at the marina on time and to be able to dock in peace.

Travel to other rivers that flow into the Rhine is not permitted.

Do you have any maps that you can provide us with?

On the boat there is a chart plotter, which is a device with a digital map. In the map all important places are marked, so that you are always safe on the road.

Do you have sufficient parking facilities?

In the immediate vicinity of the marina is an underground parking garage( and a public parking lot(

Do you provide life jackets? Do you also have vests for children?

Yes, both.

How is the boat insured?

Our boats are insured against liability and fully comprehensive. The deposit is 500 euros, this sum also corresponds to the deductible in case of damage of 500 euros.

How does refueling work?

Since there is no boat refueling station in Düsseldorf, we have canisters ready, with which we fill up for you after the trip. The boat is handed over full before the start of the trip, so we then know exactly how much has been used and how much you will be charged accordingly.
We will then drive to the gas station with the car and the canisters after each fill-up, refill the canisters and carry them back to the dock. For this effort we charge 50 cents extra per liter of gasoline, but not more than 20 €.

What is the gasoline consumption?

Depending on the driving style and the number of people on the SILVER, the fuel consumption can vary greatly. With continuous moderate driving and 3-4 people on board, you can assume an average fuel consumption of about 15-20 liters per hour.

Is the consumption of alcohol allowed on your boats?

For the boat driver, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.. For all others not.

Is it possible to see the charter contract and the GTC in advance?

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